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  1. Academic career development scheme

    The scheme is intended to cultivate a change of culture in the School, towards a commitment to developing people's academic careers, a willingness to recognise both and in that context, to flag at an early stage, any issues of concern to the
  2. Access control policy

    Information Security Policy and Infrastructure|LSE will provide all employees, students and contracted third parties with on-site access to the information they need to carry out their responsibilities in as effective and efficient manner as
  3. An overview of the HERA elements

    HERA Higher Education Role Analysis contains 14 different elements and this is how it breaks down a role.
  4. Anti-virus software on LSE computers

    The purpose of this policy is to stipulate that anti-virus software must be installed by default on all LSE-owned systems. Any exceptions documented and justified by the system owner. Any machine connecting to the LSE network may be denied access if
  5. Appeals Regulations for Research Students

    Where these regulations require a member of the School's staff or a body of the School to act, this authority may be delegated where appropriate.
  6. Application to use IT facilities at LSE

    'By accessing and/or using the IT Facilities, you agree to be bound by these Conditions...'
  7. Asset management policy

    This asset management policy provides the overall framework for the management of IT equipment from procurement to disposal.
  8. Associated entities: policy framework

    The aim of this policy framework is to define the nature of these various 'associated entities', to establish how and why they arise, to highlight the nature of the risks which these entities attract, and to emphasise the mechanisms of central
  9. Major Academic Initiatives Policy

    The framework was designed to assist academic initiators at an early stage in identifying their likely service needs, in order to pinpoint any requirements that might involve additional resources and/or out-of-the-ordinary planning for one or more
  10. Policy for the Control of Asbestos

    Asbestos Policy|The aim of this London School of Economics policy is to prevent or minimise the risk from asbestos to the public, staff and students, so far as is reasonably practicable by effectively managing and controlling work where asbestos
  11. Procedures for making an appeal

    If you believe you have valid grounds for appealing against the decision of the board of examiners, you should read the Regulations for the consideration of appeals Against decisions of boards of examiners for taught courses, and then follow the
  12. Regulations on assessment offences: plagiarism

    Please note that these regulations will apply to all allegations of plagiarism against scripts and dissertations submitted for assessment from 1 October 2007.
  13. Student drugs and alcohol policy

    Student drugs and alcohol policy statement; The legal context concerning illegal drugs
  14. Student drugs and alcohol procedure

    A procedure to provide general guidelines for School students and staff regarding action to be taken when dealing with a drug or alcohol related incident.
  15. UG Admissions policy

    Admissions Policy for Entry 2012|LSE's admissions policy is set by the Academic Board, where necessary with the agreement of the Council,
  16. User Accounts Policy

    User Accounts|There is a requirement within the LSE to define the policy around the creation, deletion and use of IT User Accounts within the LSE. This document sets out the agreed types of account that may be used and the responsibilities that come