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  1. Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit - Civil...  
    Browser does not support script. Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit. ... Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit. Page Contents >. Our research is about the way in which ordinary people shape or try to shape the decisions that affect
  2. Centre for Civil Society - Centre for Civil Society -...  
    Page Contents >. The Centre for Civil Society has closed as of September 2010. ... Changing Notions of Civil Society in "North" and "South", Conference on European Development Aid and NGOs .
  3. Engineered civil society: the impact of 20 years of...  
    27 Feb 2014: Engineered civil society: the impact of 20 years of democracy promotion on civil society development in the former Soviet countries. ... Ishkanian, Armine ( 2014). Engineered civil society: the impact of 20 years of democracy promotion on civil society
  4. Department of Government - Department of Government -...  
    Edited by: Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic, James Ker-Lindsay and Denisa Kostovicova|. This book examines the ambiguous role played by civil society in state-building, democratisation and post-conflict reconstruction in the
  5. Global Civil Society - Global Civil Society - Research...  
    Page Contents >. Global Civil Society is about understanding globalisation 'from below,' from the perspective of ordinary people. ... But global civil society is a highly contested concept, for which many meanings have been proposed but no agreed
  6. DV429 Global Civil Society  
    14 Nov 2013: Global Civil Society. This information is for the 2013/14 session. Teacher responsible. ... Prof Mary Kaldor. Availability. This course is compulsory on the MSc in Global Politics ( Global Civil Society).
  7. Introduction: civil society influence on global policy...  
    May 2014: If the main obstacle to CSO influence resides in the way global policies are decided, then CSOs may be well advised to invest their scarce resources in changing the institutional structures in which global policy takes place.
  8. Civil society with guns is not civil society: aid,...  
    31 Jul 2008: This paper examines the intensified convergence of aid, security and foreign policy goals since 9/11 and its effects on civil society in the context of Afghanistan. As a theatre for both the pursuance of the War on Terror and processes of
  9. Manufacturing civil society and the limits of...  
    Dec 2009: This article traces the effects of the increasing securitisation of aid and development in Afghanistan after 9/11 on aid policy and civil society. It argues that although aid has not been wholly subordinated to security objectives, security
  10. Book review: Global civil society 2012: ten years of...  
    9 May 2013: "Global Civil Society 2012: Ten Years of Critical Reflection." Mary Kaldor, Henrietta L. Moore and Sabine Selchow (eds). Palgrave Macmillan. 2012. --- The Global Civil Society Yearbook has attempted to debate, map and measure the shifting contou

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