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  1. Department of Social Policy - Department of Social...  
    A team from the Department of Social Policy ( have been awarded funding by the Middle East Centre for a research project with the Institute of Community and Public Health at Birzeit ... This timely book is a valuable resource for policymakers working in
  2. Available programmes 2014/15 - Graduate - Study - Home  
    L4ZA MPhil/PhD Social Policy|. 28 April 2014 for funding, otherwise rolling admissions. ... L4U9 MSc Criminal Justice Policy|. Open. Open. Criminology - See Criminal Justice Policy or Sociology.
  3. Graduate course guides 2013  
    23 Jan 2014: You are here - Graduate course guides 2013. Graduate course guides 2013/14. Page contents >AC. AN. DV. EC. EH. EU.
  4. Department of Methodology - Department of Methodology...  
    Text-Mining Conference 2014|. Text-Mining and Public Policy Analysis  –. Call for papers:. ... Papers should seek to show innovation in methodology and applications of Text-Mining techniques to analyse and inform public policy decisions.
  5. Staff and students - Staff and students - Home  
    From Tuesday April 29 All public PCs in computer rooms and the library will be subject to a new screen locking policy| from Tuesday 29 April. ... The  LSE Literary Festival and First Story public discussion and prize-giving event| is now available as
  6. CEP | Research  
    CEP, Contact Us, Maps
  7. CEP | About Us  
    CEP, Contact Us, Maps
  8. LSE Health - LSE Health - About us - LSE Health and...  
    The Centre's unique research base contributes to the LSE's established world presence and reputation in health policy, health economics and demography. ... national health policy community.
  9. Video and audio channels - Channels - Video and audio...  
    A collection of videos from ConstitutionUK, a unique project, where LSE's IPA and Department of Law are coming together with the LSE Public Policy Group and Democratic Audit to pioneer ... The Institute of Public Affairs is one of the world's leading
  10. Executive master's degrees - Executive...  
    The programmes benefit from the School's exceptional links with the outside world, both within the academic community and externally with policy practitioners. ... MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management|. Provides high quality, integrated courses

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