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  1. Department of Social Policy - Department of Social...  
    How to contact us. Department of Social Policy. 2nd Floor, Old Building. ... The findings, published this month in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health|, suggest that the accumulated physical, emotional and financial stresses of raising
  2. Available programmes 2014/15 - Graduate - Study - Home  
    L4ZA MPhil/PhD Social Policy|. Closed. Closed. ... L4U9 MSc Criminal Justice Policy|. Closed. Closed. Criminology - See Criminal Justice Policy or Sociology.
  3. TRIUM GLOBAL EMBA | Global Executive MBA Program: an...  
    Lecturing to a diverse TRIUM audience of investors, current entrepreneurs, and future entrepreneurs, Estrin clarified that, While individual, demographic and cultural factors are important, issues of education, institutions and policy are
  4. Department of Methodology - Department of Methodology...  
    Text-Mining Conference 2014|. Text-Mining and Public Policy Analysis  –. Call for papers:. ... Papers should seek to show innovation in methodology and applications of Text-Mining techniques to analyse and inform public policy decisions.
  5. Department of Management - Department of Management -...  
    Behavioural Public Policy| ( Cambridge University Press, 2013). edited by A. ... 2014). London: the Nuffield Trust. Brown L. ( 2014). Health Economics, Policy and Law.
  6. EUROPP  
    RSS. Home March 12th, 2014Recent posts. July 20th, 2014. The last decade has seen the emergence of an increasingly politically active asexual community, [ … ]. July 20th, 2014. What is Britain’s future ... Visit our sister blog: LSE Impact of Social
  7. CEP | Research  
    CEP, Contact Us, Maps
  8. British Politics and Policy at LSE  
    British Politics and Policy. Home March 7th, 2014Recent Posts. July 20th, 2014. ... Public Services and the Welfare State. July 4th, 2014. June 16th, 2014.
  9. Executive master's degrees - Executive...  
    The programmes benefit from the School's exceptional links with the outside world, both within the academic community and externally with policy practitioners. ... MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management|. Provides high quality, integrated courses
  10. Video and audio channels - Channels - Video and audio...  
    A collection of videos from ConstitutionUK, a unique project, where LSE's IPA and Department of Law are coming together with the LSE Public Policy Group and Democratic Audit to pioneer ... The Institute of Public Affairs is one of the world's leading

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