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  1. Crisis States Research Network - Crisis States...  
    Browser does not support script. Crisis States Research Network. How to contact us. ... Our full postal address is:. Crisis States Research Network. Department of International Development.
  2. LSE Experts Directory - LSE Experts Directory -...  
    Contemporary Spanish.  Studies, Cañada Blanch.   Centre for. Crisis States Research.  Centre.
  3. Meeting the challenges of crisis states - LSE...  
    2012: This report sums up six years of research by the Crisis States Research Centre. Authors James Putzel and Jonathan Di John underline the fact that aid and other forms of external intervention need to be better directed in the so-called "fragile
  4. Public Events - Public events - Home  
    The Shifts and The Shocks: What we've learned – and still have to learn – from the financial crisis|.
  5. Why templates for media development do not work in...  
    2006: 'Why Templates for Media Development do not work in Crisis States: defining and understanding media development strategies in post-war and crisis states', by Dr James Putzel and Joost van der Zwan from the CSRC, explores the development of media in
  6. Middle East Centre - Middle East Centre - Home  
    Addressing the Demographic Imbalance in the Gulf States: Implications for Labour Markets, Migration, and National Identity|. ... This report contains the proceedings from a workshop organised by the LSE Middle East Centre and led by Dr Kristian Coates
  7. CEP | News  
    CEP, Contact Us, Maps
  8. Department of Sociology - Department of Sociology -...  
    Questions about the nature of money have gained a new urgency in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. ... In this book Charis Thompson investigates the evolution of the controversy over human pluripotent stem cell research in the United States
  9. EUROPP  
    RSS. Home March 12th, 2014Recent posts. July 22nd, 2014. The United States and the European Union have been engaged in discussions over a [ … ]. July 22nd, 2014. A civil court in The ... Hague ruled on 16 July that the Netherlands is [ … ]. July 21st,
  10. LSEE - Research on South Eastern Europe - LSEE -...  
    Post-crisis recovery in Southeast Europe and beyond: policy challenges for social and economic inclusion|. ... ISSUE 5- Promoting Democracy in the Western Balkans After the Global Economic Crisis|.

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