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  1. Crisis States Research Network - Crisis States...  
    Browser does not support script. Crisis States Research Network. How to contact us. ... Our full postal address is:. Crisis States Research Network. Department of International Development.
  2. Why templates for media development do not work in...  
    2006: 'Why Templates for Media Development do not work in Crisis States: defining and understanding media development strategies in post-war and crisis states', by Dr James Putzel and Joost van der Zwan from the CSRC, explores the development of media in
  3. Meeting the challenges of crisis states - LSE...  
    2012: This report sums up six years of research by the Crisis States Research Centre. Authors James Putzel and Jonathan Di John underline the fact that aid and other forms of external intervention need to be better directed in the so-called "fragile
  4. Department of International Development -...  
    writes about the global economic crisis. This article will be featured as part of a series in our blog|. ... Meeting the Challenges of Crisis States|. 'This is an impressive example of academic research leading to good policy advice.
  5. Public events - Public events - Home  
    Home > Public events. Public events. How to contact us. Conference and Events Office. AH300. LSE. Houghton Street. London. WC2A 2AE. Campus maps|. Events Information Line. Tel 44 ( 0) 20 7955 6043 . The Conference and Events Office| is part of
  6. LSE Experts Directory - LSE Experts Directory -...  
    Contemporary Spanish.  Studies, Cañada Blanch.   Centre for. Crisis States Research.  Centre.
  7. Middle East Centre - Middle East Centre - Home  
    states where governance is weak, collapsing or collapsed. ... The Macroeconomics of the Gulf|. In this talk on Thursday 14 May, Raphael Espinoza of the IMF will be analysing the challenges created by changes the economies of the Gulf states
  8. The political impact of globalisation and...  
    Nov 2004: Patterns of globalisation and liberalisation need to be examined in light of their political consequences, especially in the context of situations of state collapse and violent conflict. Champions of globalisation can be divided into two camps –
  9. Department of Sociology - Department of Sociology -...  
    In this book Charis Thompson investigates the evolution of the controversy over human pluripotent stem cell research in the United States and proposes a new ethical approach for “good science.". ... The British Journal of Sociology. , 64 ( Sep 2013):
  10. EUROPP  
    Across Europe. Hungary held [ … ]. Ukraine Crisis. April 8th, 2014. April 1st, 2014. March 31st, 2014. ... Economics has had a significant rethink since the financial crisis, but political science sails blithely onwards.

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