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  1. Global Governance - Global Governance - Home  
    Home > Global Governance. Global Governance. How to contact us. ... LSE Global Governance closed on 31 July 2011. LSE Global Governance closed as a formal research centre of the School on 31 July 2011.
  2. Department of International Development -...  
    Professor of Global Governance at LSE, has been awarded the Ludwig Quidde Award by the German Foundation for Peace Research. ... The Handbook of Global Security Policy|. Security policy has changed dramatically since the end of the Cold War.
    IT support for research centres in 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields
  4. Financial Markets Group - Financial Markets Group -...  
    Both Daniel and David are members of Corporate Governance at LSE.| The video is available to view onlineFMG/Department of Finance), along with co-author Dr. ... The US Federal Reserve’s forward guidance last May that it would soon begin to
  5. Global governance: the rise of non-state actors: a...  
    2011: Global environmental politics and governance is in a state of gradual yet profound change. Ever since the creation of an international environmental agenda in the early 1970s, states and intergovernmental institutions have been at the centre of
  6. INET - INET - Global Governance - Home  
    Emily May. Communications Officer. LSE Global Governance. ... e.j.may@lse.ac.uk|. Tel: 0207 106 1152. INET. Pioneering partnership between LSE and top think tank to be based at Global Governance.
  7. Regulating nanotechnologies: risk, uncertainty and the...  
    Feb 2012: This article builds on research for a two-year project on nanotechnology regulation in the US and Europe (2008–09), which was funded by the European Commission. We are grateful to our collaborators in this project, at the London School of Economics
  8. Energy, water and environment communities (EWE)...  
    It encourages the emergence of communities of people. This model involves focusing on integrated trans-border and regional level institutional governance structures appropriate for the region and advancing the political processes ... Professor Held is
  9. LSE Experts Directory - LSE Experts Directory -...  
    FMG). Gender Institute. Geography and.  Environment, Department.   of. Global Policy. ... LSE Enterprise. LSE Environment: Centre.  for Environmental Policy.   and Governance ( CEPG).
  10. Book review: global governance and the new wars: the...  
    15 Apr 2014: Originally published in 2001, Mark Duffield‘s Global Governance and the New Wars aims to show how war has become an integral component of development discourse. The book predicted much of what followed its initial publication: the post 9/11

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