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  1. British Society for Population Studies - British...  
    Browser does not support script. British Society for Population Studies. British Society for Population Studies. ... The British Society for Population Studies ( BSPS) is a non-profitable society of persons with a scientific interest in the study of
  2. Population studies - Population Studies - PIC...  
    Browser does not support script. Population Studies. Address and contacts. General Secretary. ... Population Studies. has been produced continuously by the Population Investigation Committee ( PIC) since 1947.
  3. Department of Media and Communications - Department of...  
    Date: Thursday 5 June 2014, 09: 00– 18: 00. The role and distribution of power is a central issue to media and communications studies. ... Polity Press, November 2013. With the majority of the world's population now living in cities, questions about
  4. IDEAS - IDEAS - Home  
    More information on how to applyThe Cold War Studies Programme at LSE IDEAS is co-convening the Sixth Annual European Summer School on Cold War History at the Università di Trento, ... Pandemics, nuclear war and the global history of population control
  5. BSPS day meetings - BSPS day meetings - British...  
    Page Contents >. The British Society for Population Studies holds several events throughout the year. ... What's in a name? Names and historical population studies.
  6. Available programmes 2014/15 - Graduate - Study - Home  
    M9ZD MPhil/PhD Demography/Population Studies|. 28 April 2014. 28 April 2014. ... M1ZE MPhil/PhD European Studies|. 28 April 2014. 28 April 2014.
  7. Newsletters - Newsletters - British Society for...  
    Browser does not support script. Newsletters. Newsletters. The British Society for Population Studies produces a newsletter four times a year.
  8. Department of Methodology - Department of Methodology...  
    ESRC/PIC Masters Studentship Scheme in Population Studies|. The aim of the scheme is to aid the recruitment &initial development of talented students in demography by contributing to student fees and ... Many academics and policy makers believe that
  9. Jobs and funding for demographers - Jobs and funding -...  
    Browser does not support script. Jobs and funding. Jobs and funding for demographers. This section provides a useful resource for demographers seeking funding or career opportunities. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list, either of job
  10. Postgraduates - Postgraduates - British Society for...  
    Browser does not support script. Postgraduates. Postgraduates. The new BSPS postgraduate student representative is Julia Mikolai who is a second year PhD student in Social Statistics and Demography at the University of Southampton. Her PhD research

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