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  1. Report on private medical insurance to the UK...  
    2005: Report on private medical insurance to the UK Department of Health. ... Report on private medical insurance to the UK Department of Health.
  2. The determinants of private medical insurance...  
    Feb 2005: The determinants of private medical insurance prevalence in England, 1997-2000. King, Derek and Mossialos, Elias ( 2005). ... The determinants of private medical insurance prevalence in England, 1997-2000. Health Services Research, 40 ( 1).
  3. Private medical insurance in the United Kingdom - LSE...  
    2006: In comparative studies of health care, the United Kingdom’s health care system continues to be categorized as public (in terms of both financing and provision). Nevertheless, over 11% of the United Kingdom population has private medical insurance,
  4. Student accommodation - Student accommodation -...  
    U tility bills, internet access and content insurance are included. You'll save on travel costs, as most residences are within walking distance of LSE. ... Prefer private sector accommodation? Visit our information section on  private housing|.
  5. Private health insurance and medical savings accounts:...  
    1 Jan 2002: Adopting a cross-national, cross-disciplinary perspective, this title assesses the merits of the main methods of raising resources, including taxation; social, voluntary and supplemental forms of insurance; and self-pay including co-payments. It is
  6. CEP | News  
    CEP, Contact Us, Maps
  7. Health and Social Care | Research and policy analysis...  
    health insurance premiums should be differentiated to take into account people s unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  8. Equality and Diversity at LSE  
    We also found that BAME management remains concentrated in just three sectors, with three-quarters of BAME managers and senior managers working in public administration, education &health; banking, finance &insurance; or ... DSA is an allowance provided
  9. CEP | News  
    CEP, Contact Us, Maps
  10. Frequently Asked Questions and Help - Pre-sessional...  
    Applicants from countries outside the European Union who do not have a reciprocal health agreement with the United Kingdom should arrange private medical insurance to cover all eventualities of health care. ... Students from countries with reciprocal

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