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  1. Master's programmes - Master's programmes -...  
    edge research, to develop our students' talent as future innovators, thought leaders and change agents in society. ... Subject: science of decision making in organisations, in 2 streams:. Operational Research stream – focus on operational issues.
  2. People - People - Department of Management - Home  
    Professor Gautam Appa|. Professor Emeritus of Operational Research. ... Professor Paul Williams|. Professor Emeritus of Operational Research. Visiting Professors.
  3. Untangling dynamic and operational capabilities:...  
    2011: We explain why the line between dynamic and operational (or ordinary) capabilities is unavoidably blurry, draw implications for capabilities that promote economically important but seemingly gradual change, and provide recommendations for future
  4. The cost of policy change: system strengthening and...  
    2004: The cost of policy change: system strengthening and implementation prior to a change in drug policy, operational strategy report 2004. ... Mulligan, J.and Morel, Chantal M. ( 2004). The cost of policy change: system strengthening and implementation prior
  5. Staff of the LSE Information Systems Department  
    26 Nov 2005: An empirical study of Internet usage and difficulties among medical practice management in the UK", ( with Debra Howcroft), Journal of Internet Research Vol 10 No 2, 2000.
  6. Alumni - Alumni - Department of Management - Home  
    Management Science Group ( formerly the Department of Operational Research). ... Managerial Economics and Strategy Group ( formerly the Interdisciplinary Institute of Management).
  7. Who's who - Contact Us - Human Resources - Staff -...  
    Contact details: 020 7849 4687, l.morrow@lse.ac.uk|. Aoife Doyle - works with Anthropology, Mathematics, Media and Communications, Social Policy ( inc Education Research Group, LSE Housing), LSE Health and Social ... Contact details: 020 7955 6670,
  8. Academic Support Librarians - Academic Support...  
    LSE Research Online. Management. Managerial Economics and Strategy Group. Mannheim Centre for the Study of Criminology and Criminal Justice. ... Mathematics. Media@LSE. Media and Communications. Methodology. Operational Research Group. Personal Social
  9. Research centres - Directories and maps - Staff and...  
    Browser does not support script. Research centres. Research centres. Other major research groups. – ... part of– part ofResearch subject areas. business - seehistory - seepolitics - seesocial research methodology - see methodology andShare:orBrowser
  10. LSE IS theses online  
    15 Jan 2006: IS theses on-line. Selected theses are now on line in pdf format. The theses are copyright to the authors and to LSE, they may however be cited or extracts quoted for normal academic purposes. Please note these are large files, most more than 1mb.

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