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  1. Health technology assessment and its influence on...  
    2004: In this article, we review the development of health technology assessment (HTA) in England and Wales, France, The Netherlands, and Sweden, and we summarize the reaction to these developments from a variety of different disciplinary and stakeholder
  2. Governance structures and health technology assessment...  
    2010: Health technology assessment (HTA) agencies have spread throughout Europe in the past twenty years. The study examined the governance structures for those agencies comparatively, both through cross-national comparison (it looks in detail at HTA
  3. Health technology assessment in Europe: an...  
    2001: Health technology assessment in Europe: an introduction. McDaid, David ( 2001). ... Health technology assessment in Europe: an introduction. Eurohealth, 7 ( 1).
  4. LSE Centre for Learning Technology  
    The Centre for Learning Technology ( CLT) supports staff in the use of technologies to enhance teaching and learning at the London School of Economics. ... Learn moreNetworkED: Technology in Education, Teaching Day, CLT Show &Tell.
  5. Health technology assessment and public health: a...  
    Jan 2004: This article reviews the developments in HTA in four countries, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, and United Kingdom, in relation to public health. It emphasizes that the majority of assessments made are concerned with individual clinical care rather
  6. Ensuring value for money in health care: the role of...  
    2008: This book provides a detailed review of the role of health technology assessment (HTA) in the European Union. It examines both method and process in the prioritization and financing of modern health care, and presents extensive case studies from
  7. A regulatory governance perspective on Health...  
    2014: Independent regulatory agencies (IRAs) for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) are a key means by which national governments have responded to the challenge of ensuring equitable public access to a new range of medicines and treatment options within
  8. Connecting technology assessment to priorities in...  
    Apr 2004: Editors of this special issue of journal.
  9. European health technology assessment: quo vadis? -...  
    2001: European health technology assessment: quo vadis? McDaid, David ( 2001). European health technology assessment: quo vadis?
  10. Reflections on the evolution of health technology...  
    Jan 2012: Health technology assessment (HTA) has assumed an increasing role in health systems in recent years, with many countries establishing agencies or programmes to evaluate health technology and other interventions to inform policy decisions and

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